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Just because we like to look stylish on the outside, really doesn't mean your undies should be any different. I always put off buying underwear on a regular occasion, but when I do, I tend to spree. What every glamourous woman should tell you is your bra and knicks should forever match - for goodness gracious, heaven forbid whatever may happen if you are to be run over! However what every and any woman will tell you, as long as they are pretty and (obviously) clean, and definitely not grey - they'll do.

I love to pick and choose my knickers from the likes of Topshop and New Look, from their 3 for something deals - a la pick n' mix. They do some fabulous silky/lacy prints and designs, that are wonderfully feminine and pretty, and more importantly comfortable. I also think knickers make the perfect gift, every girl wears them and lets face it - if they're shit - no one will see them.

Moving on to bras, being rather small busted I find it fairly easy to shop in most places. I do however adore H&M underwear, often overlooked it is a gem for pretty designs of all shapes and colours, for really affordable prices (from £7.99-£12.99). I don't think I could ever bring myself to pay more than twenty pounds for a bra, I think its horrendous that bigger busted ladies are charged so much more in certain places. But before I start ranting and raving, back to H&M, they do a wonderful line of both your standard basic bras and fashionable 'oh la la' bras. I especially love the basic bra with the removable padded inserts, they give a certain polite umph without looking like you could resting your chin. They have also finally added more sizes to their range, so definitely be sure to check out when next in-store.

Thats my underwear edit, a tad too personal perhaps, but we all wear them! (I hope). Where are your fail safe shops for purchasing your knick knacks?
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The Underwear Edit,


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