Nobody said it was easy

Another little post on a fabulous sale bargain i snapped up earlier in the month. I rarely shop at Urban Outfitters, mainly because although i do love 'that' style, it aint really me; plus the prices really are a bit of a hike. However their home/gift department tells another tale, from dainty jewellery holders, whimsical designs on tea cups and beautiful printed bedspreads make wonderful gifts or simply pretty decor! There are also a selection of novelty gifts (perfect for annoying boyfriends) and fabulous one of kind bits and bobs for the house. I had long admired this jewellery box, but for the original price of sixty pounds, i waited long and hard for this baby to go into sale. And bingo, it did, to thirty, with a promo code later i scored it for under twenty. Its fairly large with an intricate cut-out pattern around the edges, i love the fact i can see all my precious nick knacks through the cover!  
A peak inside!

Adore my Forever 21 statement necklace.

Marc Jacobs Gold Watch - a gift for my 21st.

Unbranded Pearl Bracelet / Alex Monroe ring / Swag Topaz Cocktail ring /  Marc Jacobs Key Pendent / Alex Monroe Key Pendant / Tiffany Silver Pendent

F21 'S' Necklace / Accessorize Pearl Pendent / Tiffany's Beaded Bracelet / Tiffany's Pearl Bracelet / Tiffany's Small Bead Bracelet

And thats my treasure chest! I hope you enjoyed a peak! The brand who produced the jewerelly box for Urban Outfitters was Mele & Co, which i think is strictly only US shipping. But UO do some cracking jewerelly stands, very very pretty and in the sale too! 

P.S thank you ever so much for your eBay tips and tricks, very much appreciated! I now sit surrounded by jiffy bags and brown parcel tape, if you fancy a butchers whats on offer see here. Hopefully plan to put whatever ££ into my Chanel fund, hurrah!

And yes that was Matthew and i, aged 14/15 - pass a bucket ;)
Post Title : Nobody said it was easy

Nobody said it was easy,

Nobody said it was easy


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